Giving Your Relationship A Facelift

Tired of pretending that your relationship is going to get better and need to revive the loving and tender relationship you once had? Well, if you are losing hope that your relationship can be restored please hold on and don’t give up yet. You might be closer than you think to fixing your relationship.

So what does it take to truly change your relationship? In my experience it takes two vital things to happen to make a relationship right. One is a willingness to forgive and the other is a desire to have a better relationship.

Unfortunately in so many relationships there are years of hurt, resentment and anger built up. This makes it difficult to improve the relationship without forgiving the person responsible for the hurt. In many instances both individuals have caused some pain in the relationship and need to seek forgiveness.

So if you were to be honest regarding your relationship, are there some things that you and/or your partner have done that have severed your relationship? It doesn’t take a big fallout to cause pain. In fact in most relationships its years of neglect, disrespect and selfishness that leads to separation and divorce.

So how do you restore your relationship now? A good place to start is by searching your heart and seeing if there are some things that you have done to your partner that you should seek forgiveness for. It doesn’t matter if you were acting like your partner was or treating him or her like you were being treated. Two wrongs don’t make a right is an expression that my father use to say.

Here are some things that we find ourselves doing when we are frustrated in our relationship.

  1. We stop talking to the one we love.

  2. We gossip to others about how bad our partner is treating us.

  3. We do things that we know will irritate our partner.

  4. We stop having sex with our partner.

  5. Make selfish decisions that are not in the best interest of our relationship.

You might be guilty of doing some of the above and hurting your relationship. Perhaps you have been doing some other things that have created tension and frustration in your relationship. A good place to start restoring your relationship is to figure out those things that you have done and ask your partner to forgive you.

If you can do this it will open the door to communication and forgiveness. You will be amazed at just how much can change when you can humble yourself, let down your guard and seek forgiveness from the love of your life.

Once you have asked for forgiveness, make sure that you do your best to no longer exhibit the same behaviors that have contributed to your problems. If you are sincere and have the right motives for seeking forgiveness, your relationship will turn around.

There are so many steps you can take to improve your marriage. Click here to get more tips on how to fix your relationship. Saving Your Marriage or Relationship

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